Halton Chemical Offers Wood Coatings and Lacquers

Stains and Glazes

Halton Chemical offers a broad range of stains and glazes, which are available in spray or wipe formats to allow for the desired application method. Each product can be customized to your specifications with assurances of a professional result every time.

Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers

Our manufacturing facility produces premier quality, fast-drying, solvent-based pre-catalyzed lacquer products designed specifically for use on high-quality interior wood finishing.Halton’s pre-cat conversion coatings are precision blended and come with a self-sealing system or without depending on your requirements. Either way, the water-white coatings are resistant to yellowing and can be ordered and delivered based on volume and packaging specifications. We also offer pre-cat lacquer coatings that are expertly blended and HAPS-free to deliver predictable results you depend on, every time.

Post-Catalyzed Lacquers

With over 50 years of experience, Halton Chemical knows the qualities you’re seeking with post-cat lacquers and conversion varnish products. Our post-catalyzed lacquer coatings are specifically designed to flawlessly complete your high-quality interior wood projects such as furniture or cabinetry. Post-cat lacquer products provide durability and protection against abrasion, as well as water and chemical damage.

Pigmented Coatings

Halton Chemical’s pigmented coatings are available in both pre-cat and post-cat formulations. Choose from over 1,000 colours to obtain the perfect finish on your interior wood projects. Our resign based pigmented coatings extend the life of the wood’s finish, adding durability and wear resistance with an astounding range of colours to choose from.

Wood Sealers and Primers

Craftmanship and millwork play a large part in the quality of a wood project. Halton Chemical maintains the products used to finish your wood surface takes the project from great to exceptional. Using the right wood sealers and primers is a critical step to achieve the flawless finish you and your customers are after. Set the stage for success with our wood sealers and primers all custom blended and packaged to your specifications.

Trusted Low and Zero VOC Coatings

As accomplished low and zero VOC coatings manufacturers, Halton Chemical has formulated coatings with reduced or non-existent VOC levels for hardwood floors, furniture and other wood products. Our chemists have worked tirelessly to formulate coatings which remain effective, durable and attractive while complying with current government regulations.

HAPS-Free Wood Coatings

The industry-wide push to move coatings manufacturing away from traditional formulations due to their often high-pollutant content, has led Halton Chemical to develop an entire line of HAPs free wood coatings. Maintaining a safe breathing environment for customers is a responsibility that our chemists take very seriously, and our line of HAPs free wood coatings is the result of years of research and development.

Contact Halton Chemical Today!

Our knowledgeable representatives at Halton Chemical are available to help meet all of your industrial wood coatings needs by calling 1-877-231-8954. We can also be reached with any questions though our convenient contact form. We have over 50 years of experience offering customized order fulfillment and strive to provide the most competitive cost and efficient service available in the market.