Industrial coatings, lacquers and solvent specialists

For 60 years, Halton Chemical Inc. has been determined to exceed our customers’ expectations and offer superior products, custom formulation services and toll manufacturing.

Halton Chemical’s continued growth

Founded in 1962, we have built our name on a commitment to quality, innovation, safety and environmental protection through research and development.

Now in our third generation as a family run operation, Halton Chemical maintains the values put in place by our founders, two brothers and their associate, all those years ago.

Our fully equipped lab provides us with the tools to develop and continually improve upon our high-quality products, as well as work with clients through our custom formulation and toll manufacturing endeavors.

The production factory is staffed with detail-orientated batch loaders, using quality raw materials to fill customer orders.

Our mission

Halton’s operation aims to provide high quality, innovative products and industry leading customer service. To uphold these goals, we are directed by our commitment to our customers’ needs. We are dedicated to operating our business based on strong relationships built on teamwork, honesty and integrity.